A MARRIAGE PROPOSAL Objective Questions Class 12th English 100 Marks 2024

class 12th english 100 marks objective questions 2024 बिहार बोर्ड इंटरमीडिएट परीक्षा 2024 के लिए अंग्रेजी A MARRIAGE PROPOSAL Objective Question का महत्वपूर्ण प्रश्न बोर्ड एग्जाम 2024 के लिए यहां पर दिया गया है। जो अंग्रेजी 100 मार्क्स A MARRIAGE PROPOSAL चैप्टर का है। जो आपके इंटर परीक्षा के लिए काफी महत्वपूर्ण है। यह सब प्रश्न आपके बोर्ड परीक्षा में पूछे जा सकते हैं। इसलिए सभी प्रश्न को ध्यान से पढ़ें। और अच्छी तरह से याद कर ले।

BSEB Class 12 English Book Solutions Chapter 11 A Marriage Proposal Objective Questions

Bihar Board Class 12th English 100 Marks A MARRIAGE PROPOSAL Objective Question

A marriage proposal objective question

[ 1 ] The name of Lomov’s dog is –

(A) Leap
(B) Guess
(C) Tomy
(D) None of these

Answer ⇒ (B)

[ 2 ] The peasants used the land for

(A) thirty years
(B) fifty years
(C) forty years
(D) None of these

Answer ⇒ (C)

[ 3 ] “I’II prove to you in court that they’remine”, said-

(A) Natalia
(B) Choobookov
(C) Lomov
(D) None of these

Answer ⇒ (C)

[ 4 ] A person who acquires land in any way possible is called

(A) impertinent
(B) land-grabber
(C) quibbler
(D) None of these

Answer ⇒ (B)

[ 5 ]  Lomov claims to have the memory of –

(A) a tiger
(B) a lion
(C) an elephant
(D) a fox

Answer ⇒ (C)

[ 6 ] When Lomov came to Choobookoy, the latter –

(A) neglected him
(B) welcomed him
(C) abused him
(D) None of these

Answer ⇒ (B)

[ 7 ]  Natalia is –

(A) a shrew
(B) an insane
(C) a peace-loving
(D) None of these

Answer ⇒ (C)

[ 8 ] Lomov proposed Natalia –

(A) directly
(B) indirectly
C) hesitatingly
(D) None of these

Answer ⇒ (D)

[ 9 ] To come back to Natalia, Lomov-

(A) refused
(B) accepted
(C) hesitated
(D) None of these

Answer ⇒ (B)

A marriage proposal question answer

[ 10 ] Anton Chekhov was born in-

(A) 1850
(B) 1870
(C) 1860
(D) 1880

Answer ⇒ (C)

[ 11 ] Anton Chekhov died in-

(A) 1905
(B) 1904
(C) 1910
(D) 1912

Answer ⇒ (B)

[ 12 ] Anton Chekhov was –

(A) an American
(B) an Indian
(C) a German
(D) a Russian

Answer ⇒ (D)

[ 13 ] Lomov wanted to –

(A) kill Natalia
(B) marry Natalia
(C) cheat Natalia
(D) None of these

Answer ⇒ (B)

[ 14 ] To know Lomov’s desire, Mr. Choobookov became –

(A) happy
(B) angry
(C) sad
(D) None of these

Answer ⇒ (A)

[ 15 ] ‘A Marriage Proposal’ is written by-

(A) Shiga Naoya
(B) Bertrand Russell
(c) Anton Chekhov
(D) Pearl S. Buck

Answer ⇒ (C)

[ 16 ] Anton Chekhov has written the lesson –

(A) A Child is Born
(B) A Marriage Proposal
(C) The Earth
(D) The Artist

Answer ⇒ (B)

[ 17 ] Loinov’ was the …………… of Choobookov,

(A) enemy
(B) friend
(C) brother
(D) neighbour

Answer ⇒ (D)

[ 18 ] ………….. is the daughter of Choobookov.

(A) Natalia
(B) Satalia
(C) Matalia
(D) Ratalia

Answer ⇒ (A)

[ 19 ] Natalia’s dog is named :

(A) Weep
(B) Leap
(C) Neap
(D) Deap

Answer ⇒ (B)

A marriage proposal ka objective 2024

[ 20 ] Lomov is ……….. years old.

(A) 25
(B) 30
(C) 35
(D) 40

Answer ⇒ (C)

[ 21 ] Lomov is a neighbour of –

(A) Monokov
(B) Runokov
(C) Choobookov
(D) Denukov

Answer ⇒ (C)

[ 22 ] Lomov has come to ask for daughter……hand in marriage.

(A) Matalia’s
(B) Natalia’s
(C) Ratalia’s
(D) Satalia’s

Answer ⇒ (B)

[ 23 ] ‘A Marriage Proposal’ is ………act play.

(A) one
(B) two
(C) three
(D) four

Answer ⇒ (A)

[ 24 ] …….. says that he is having a heart failure.

(A) Choobookov
(B) Lomov
(C) Natalia
(D) None of these

Answer ⇒ (B)

[ 25 ] Lomov’s dog has two defect he is old and his ……….. too short.

(A) teeth
(B) mouth
(C) muzzle
(D) legs

Answer ⇒ (C)

[ 26 ] Lomov says that he will prove in the court that the ……..meadows belongs to him.

(A) goat
(B) cow
(C) buffalo
(D) ox

Answer ⇒ (D)

[ 27 ] Lomov is a man of …………. temperament.

(A) caste
(B) sex
(C) religion
(D) racial

Answer ⇒ (D)

[ 28 ] Anton Chekov began his carrer by writing –

(A) drama
(B) poetry
(C) comic sketches
(D) novels

Answer ⇒ (C)

[ 29 ] Natalia and …………… are quarrelling for Ox Meadows.

(A) Romov
(B) Lomov
(C) Choobookov
(D) None of these

Answer ⇒ (B)

[ 30 ]  The ownership of ………… is disputed.

(A) Ox-Meadows
(B) Cow Meadows
(C) Bull Meadows
(D) Goat Meadow

Answer ⇒ (A)

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