THE EARTH Objective Questions Class 12th English 100 Marks

bihar board 12th english 100 marks : बिहार बोर्ड इंटरमीडिएट Class 12th English 100 Marks THE EARTH Objective का महत्वपूर्ण Objective Questions नीचे दिया गया है। जो बिहार विद्यालय परीक्षा समिति वार्षिक परीक्षा के लिए बहुत महत्वपूर्ण है। तथा यह सब प्रश्न क्लास ट्वेल्थ बोर्ड परीक्षा में पूछे जा सकते हैं। THE EARTH.

Class 12 English Book Chapter 9 The Earth Objective

Bihar Board Class 12th English 100 Marks THE EARTH Objective Questions

1. Which type of prose piece is The Earth’?

(A) speech
(B) essay
(C) short story
(D) travelogue

Ans (C) short story

2. who has written The Earth’?

(A) Shiga Naoya
(B) H E Bates
(C) Zakir Hussain
(D) Pearl S Buck

Ans (B) H E Bates

3. HE Bates also worked for some time as a/an ….

(A) actor
(B) singer
(C) journalist
(D) librarian

Ans (C) journalist

4. Benjy was the son of……..

(A) Robinson
(B) Stevenson
(C) Rockson
(D) Johnson

Ans (D) Johnson

5. All that the Johnson had was the…………

(A) earth
(B) house
(C) hotel
(D) shop

Ans (A) earth

6. Johnson was a …… by profession.

(A) doctor
(B) teacher
(C) farmer
(D) magician

Ans (C) farmer

7. Which of the following were not the possessions of Johnson.

(A) a plough
(B) a bony brown mare
(C) a tractor
(D) a two wheeled cart

Ans (C) a tractor

8. Benjy was a …… guy.

(A) simple-minded
(B) cunning
(C) selfish
(D) All of the above

Ans (D) All of the above

9. Johnson was more interested in his

(A) hens
(B) kittens
(C) fields
(D) books

Ans (C) fields

10. Johnson was also a…….

(A) painter
(B) preacher
(C) writer
(D) musician

Ans (B) preacher

11. Benjy left school at the age of ………

(A) twelve
(B) thirteen
(C) fourteen
(D) fifteen

Ans (C) fourteen

12. Where did Benjy’s parents took Benjy?

(A) to a magician
(B) to a teacher
(C) to a doctor
(D) to a pope

Ans (C) to a doctor

13. What did the doctor advice Benjy’s parents regards Benjy?

(A) to work at field
(B) to start a book shop
(C) to take care of study
(D) to keep hens

Ans (D) to keep hens

14. Benjy’s simplicity gradually turned to have become

(A) stupidity
(B) cunning
(C) clever
(D) naïve

Ans (B) cunning

15. When Benjy was 21,his father handed him a ……..

(A) book
(B) car
(C) Passbook
(D) scooter

Ans (C) Passbook

16. Benjy bought the house from ……….

(A) Daniel
(B) Sanders
(C) Andrew
(D) Peter

Ans (B) Sanders

17. Who was Florence ?

(A) Benjy’s classmate
(B) maid of the farm
(C) Johnson’s relative
(D) Benjy’s secretary

Ans (B) maid of the farm

18. To whom did Benjy marry?

(A) Sophia
(B) Florence
(C) Mary
(D) Diana

Ans (B) Florence

19. Benjy’s parents did not like Florence because

(A) she was blind
(B) she was poor
(C) she was ugly
(D) she was proud

Ans (C) she was ugly

20. Where did Benjy finally left his parents?

(A) jungle
(B) old home
(C) strange village
(D) on a strange pavement

Ans (D) on a strange pavement

21. Benjy wanted to marry……….

(A) Florence
(B) Kalia
(C) Gracia
(D) sonia

Ans (A) Florence

22. Benjy purchased land from:

(A) Sanders
(B) Gills
(C) Waughs
(D) Sharmas

Ans (A) Sanders

23. Benjy’s parents gave him a passbook when he was………… years old.

(A) 21
(B) 24
(C) 25
(D) 26

Ans (A) 21

24. Benjy left his………. on the pavement:

(A) teacher
(B) preacher
(C) mentor
(D) parents

Ans (D) parents

25. Benjy told his parents to eat in the………

(A) kitchen
(B) dining table
(C) dining room
(D) bathroom

Ans (A) kitchen

26. Johnson was a poor…………….

(A) sweeper
(B) barber
(C) plumber
(D) farmer

Ans (D) farmer

27. …………. drives out his parents from their home:

(A) Benjy
(B) Daniel
(C) David
(D) James

Ans (A) Benjy

28. The bank will give interest on it and then one day, when you (Benjy) are………

(A) 18
(B) 25
(C) 20
(D) 21

Ans (D) 21

29. The……………. suggested that Benjy should be allowed to keep hens:

(A) doctor
(B) preacher
(C) compounder
(D) neighbour

Ans (A) doctor

30. Benjy was the son of……

(A) Robinsons
(B) Stevensons
(C) Rocksons
(D) Johnsons

Ans (D) Johnsons

31. Benjy understood about the business of………….

(A) education
(B) hens
(C) homes
(D) fruits

Ans (B) hens

32. His hens were producing an average of………….

(A) three hundred eggs
(B) two hundred eggs
(C) one hundred eggs
(D) none

Ans (B) two hundred eggs

33. Benjy’s father was…………….

(A) a doctor
(B) a teacher
(C) a preacher
(D) a painter

Ans (C) a preacher

34. Benjy’s father valued………….

(A) sweat
(B) fate
(C) both
(D) none

Ans (B) fate

35. Benjy’s parents planned for a ceremony when he was………….

(A) thirty
(B) twenty-five
(C) twenty-one
(D) fifteen

Ans (C) twenty-one

36. The name of Johnson’s son was………….

(A) Jack
(B) Tom
(C) Benjy
(D) Tony

Ans (C) Benjy

37. The Johnson’s son was………….

(A) insane
(B) blind
(C) lame
(D) simple

Ans (D) simple

38. The doctor advised the parents to give Benjy………..

(A) medicine
(B) toys
(C) some work
(D) none

Ans (C) some work

39. The doctor suggested to let him keep…………….

(A) cows
(B) hens
(C) horses
(D) none

Ans (B) hens

40. Benjy left the school at…………..

(A) twenty
(B) twelve
(C) fourteen
(D) none

Ans (C) fourteen

41. When he left the school, he had……………

(A) forty or fifty hens
(B) thirty or forty hens
(C) sixty or seventy hens
(D) none

Ans (A) forty or fifty hens

42. Benjy purchased land from………….

(A) Sanders
(B) Meanders
(C) Randers
(D) none

Ans (A) Sanders

43. Florence later became the wife of……….

(A) Benjy’s friend
(B) Benjy
(C) Ronjay
(D) none

Ans (B) Benjy

44. How many hens were at first kept by Benjy?

(A) about a dozen
(B) thirty six
(C) about two dozens
(D) fifty

Ans (A) about a dozen

45. “Deeply and painfully upset, they went to the man named Sanders and told him how it was.” is from

(A) A Marriage Proposal
(B) A Child is Born
(C) The Earth
(D) How Free is the Press

Ans (C) The Earth

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