Class 12 English V.V.I Objective Questions Song of Myself Objective

English Class 12 Chapter 2 v.v.i Objective Questions, Here You Can Find class 12th English Song of Myself Objective Question Answer For Bihar Board Exam. it is very important for Bihar board exam 2024. Song Of Myself Objective Question

V.V.I Objective Questions Song of Myself Objective

1. Who has written the poem ‘song of myself?

(A) DH Lawrence

(B) John Donne

(C) Walt Whithman

(D) John keats

Ans (C) Walt Whithman

2. In which year was Walt Whitman born?

(A) 1818

(B) 1819

(C) 1820

(D) 1821

Ans (B) 1819

3. In which year Walt Whitman died?

(A) 1890

(B) 1892

(C) 1893

(D) 1894

Ans (B) 1892

4. Who is the speaker of the poem ‘song of myself?

(A) Michael

(B) William

(C) Walt Whitman

(D) John Donne

Ans (C) Walt Whitman

Song of Myself Objective

5. In which year was the first edition of leaves of grass published?

(A) 1850

(B) 1855

(C) 1860

(D) 1865

Ans (B) 1855

6. ‘Leaves of Grass’ is a collection of poems by ………

(A) John Keats

(B) W H Auden

(C) T S Eliot

(D) Walt Whitman

Ans (D) Walt Whitman

7. I celebrate and sing myself is the line from …….

(A) Song of myself

(B) Fire-hymn

(C) Snake

(D) Ode to autumn

Ans (A) Song of myself

8. How old is the poet?

(A) 32

(B) 35

(C) 37

(D) 45

Ans (C) 37

9. During the Civil war Walt Whitman also worked as a ……….

(A) soldier

(B) doctor

(C) volunteer/nurse

(D) lawyer

Ans (C) volunteer/nurse

10. Walt Whitman belongs to ………

(A) Britain

(B) Spain

(C) America

(D) France

Ans (C) America

11. Hoping to Cease not till death is a line from ………..

(A) Song of myself

(B) Fire-hymn

(C) The Soldier

(D) revolutionary poet

Ans (A) Song of myself

12. What is the theme of the poem?

(A) Love is eternal

(B) gender equality

(C) death is inevitable

(D) universal brotherhood

Ans (D) universal brotherhood

13. Walt Whitman is called a …………

(A) People’s poet

(B) poet of 4 am

(C) national poet

(D) revolutionary poet

Ans (A) People’s poet

14. In how many sections the complete poem of ‘Song of myself been divided?

(A) 42  

(B) 52

(C) 62

(D) 72

Ans (B) 52

15. The line “Hoping to cease not till death” is taken from…….

(A) Song of myself

(B) The Soldier

(C) Fire Hymn

(D) None of these

Ans (A) Song of myself

Song of Myself Objective 16. ……….is inevitable.

(A) Love

(B) Death

(C) Dancing

(D) Shouting

Ans (B) Death

17. The……… of death are whispering neighbours.

(A) Messengers

(B) Neighbour

(C) Angel

(D) Truth

Ans (A) Messengers

18. Walt Whitman is……. year old.

(A) 30

(B) 25

(C) 37

(D) 46

Ans (A) 30

19. The poet of the poem “Song of Myself’ is:

(A) Walt Whitman

(B) Kamala Das

(C) John Keats

(D) T.S. Eliot

Ans (A) Walt Whitman

20. “I in the first line of the poem “Song of Myself is the…….

(A) poet

(B) driver

(C) pilot

(D) police

Ans (A) poet

21. Hoping to cease not till death’ is a line from:

(A) Sweetest Love I Do Not Goe

(B) Song of Myself

(C) The Soldier

(D) Fire Hymn

Ans (B) Song of Myself

22. ………works include Leaves of Grass and Drum Taps.

(A) Walt Whitman’s

(B) D. H. Lawrence’s

(C) T. S. Eliot’s

(D) Walter de la Mare’s

Ans (A) Walt Whitman’s

23. I celebrate myself, and sing myself, is from:

(A) Snake

(B) Ode to Autumn

(C) Song of Myself

(D) Now the Leaves are Falling Fast

Ans (C) Song of Myself

24. “Song of Myself” has been composed by…….

(A) John Donne

(B) W. H. Auder

(C) John Keats

(D) Walt Whitman

Ans (D) Walt Whitman

25. What does the poet discard?

(A) Mankind

(B) Nature’s beauty

(C) Beloved

(D) State

Ans (B) Nature’s beauty

26. Who is the speaker in the poem “song of myself”?

(A) Boy

(B) Girl

(C) Poet himself

(D) Old man

Ans (C) Poet himself

27. The poet in “Song of Myself”………. for himself.

(A) cries

(B) sings

(C) laughs

(D) shouts

Ans (B) sings

28. The poet enjoys himself and sings for…………

(A) public

(B) beloved

(C) children

(D) self

Ans (D) self

29. The word ‘schools’ stands for…………

(A) academy

(B) systems of thought

(C) teaching institute

(D) none

Ans (B) systems of thought

30. Walt Whitman was………poet.

(A) Indian

(B) American

(C) British

(D) None

Ans (B) American

31. Song of Myself is a…………

(A) lyric

(B) epic

(C) sonnet

(D) none

Ans (A) lyric

32. The opening section of song of myself is entitled has………

(A) Grass

(B) I celebrate myself

(C) Animal

(D) none

Ans (B) I celebrate myself

33. What does Whitman believe everyone together is?

(A) chaos

(B) needness

(C) we are all one and share souls

(D) none

Ans (C) we are all one and share souls

34. The speaker is a great lover of……….

(A) arts

(B) science

(C) commerce

(D) nature

Ans (D) nature

35. The poet observes in summer…………

(A) sunny grass

(B) bird playing

(C) spike of grass

(D) yellow flowers

Ans (C) spike of grass

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