English Class 12 Chapter 4 Ode to Autumn Objective Questions

English Class 12 Chapter 4 vvi Objective Questions: Here You Can Find class 12th English Ode to Autumn Objective Questions Answer 2024 For Bihar Board Exam.It is very important for Bihar board exam 2024. Now The Leaves Are Falling Fast Objective Question

Ode to Autumn Objective Questions English Class 12 Chapter 4 V.V.I Objective Questions

1. John Keats was a/an …………. Poet.

(A) Victorian

(B) Elizabethan

(C) Romantic

(D) Renaissance

Ans (C) Romantic

2. Where was John Keats born?

(A) Yorkshire, London

(B) Warwick, London

(C) Moonfield, London

(D) Northampton, London

Ans (C) Moonfield, London

3. When was John Keats born?

(A) 22nov 1765

(B) 25Dec 1767

(C) 31oct 1795

(D) 30 apr,1789

Ans (C) 31oct 1795

4. When did John Keats die?

(A) 23feb 1821

(B) 19 Aug 1825

(C) 11may 1838  

(D) 12mar 1821

Ans (A) 23feb 1821

Ode to Autumn Objective Questions

5. What else was the profession of John Keats?

(A) banker

(B) teacher

(C) lawyer

(D) surgeon

Ans (D) surgeon

6. ‘And gathering swallows twitter in the skies’ -this line is taken from

(A) Snake

(B) The Soldier

(C) Ode to Autumn

(D) An Epitaph

Ans (C) Ode to Autumn

7. Which season is called the season of mellow fruitfulness?

(A) Spring

(B) rainy

(C) autumn

(D) spring

Ans (C) autumn

8. Autumn is conspiring with. .. to loan & bless the vine.

(A) moon

(B) spring

(C) fog

(D) sun

Ans (D) sun

9. Where does the vine run?

(A) pole

(B) wall

(C) thatch

(D) bamboo

Ans (C) thatch

10. Who is the close friend of maturing sun?

(A) Autumn

(B) winter

(C) spring

(D) summer

Ans (A) Autumn

11. Who think that warm days will never cease?

(A) crickets

(B) bees

(C) spiders

(D) flies

Ans (B) bees

12. Where has the crops been stored?

(A) granary floor

(B) drum

(C) field

(D) cells

Ans (A) granary floor

13. Autumn is compared to a ………. in the poem.

(A) baby

(B) light

(C) woman

(D) naughty boy

Ans (C) woman

14. What is autumn doing on a half-reaped furrow?

(A) dancing

(B) singing

(C) working

(D) sleeping

Ans (D) sleeping

Ode to Autumn Objective Questions

15. ‘Lamia’ and ‘Hyperion’ are written by

(A) William Wordsworth

(B) P B Shelley

(C) John Keats

(D) S T Coleridge

Ans (C) John Keats

16. Which is the nation bird of England?

(A) flamingo

(B) dove

(C) eagle

(D) robin

Ans (D) robin

17. What is twittering in the sky

(A) swallow

(B) cock

(C) robin

(D) kite

Ans (A) swallow

18. “Lamia” and “Hyperion” are written by:

(A) William Wordsworth

(B) P.B. Shelley

(C) John Keats

(D) S.T. Coleridge

Ans (C) John Keats

19. Autumn is the season of mellow……….

(A) fire

(B) storm

(C) rain

(D) fruitlessness

Ans (D) fruitlessness

20. Autumn starts with the departure of the……. season

(A) winter

(B) summer

(C) autumn

(D) spring

Ans (B) summer

21. Ode to……is an ode:

(A) spring

(B) summer

(C) winter

(D) autumn

Ans (D) autumn

22. In………. new leaves and fruits come out on trees.

(A) summer

(B) winter

(C) autumn

(D) spring

Ans (C) autumn

23. And gathering swallows twitter in the skies is taken from……

(A) Snake

(B) The Soldier

(C) Ode to Autumn

(D) An Epitaph

Ans (C) Ode to Autumn

24. Thou watchest the last oozings hours by hours.’ is from……….

(A) Song of Myself

(B) An Epitaph

(C) Ode to Autumn

(D) Snake

Ans (C) Ode to Autumn

Ode to Autumn Objective Questions

25. Ode to Autumn’ is……

(A) an epic

(B) an elegy

(C) an ode

(D) a ballad

Ans (C) an ode

26. Ode to Autumn’ is composed by……….

(A) Keats

(B) Wordsworth

(C) Coleridge

(D) Shelley

Ans (A) Keats

27. The poem ‘Ode to Autumn’ deals with………in detail.

(A) spring

(B) winter

(C) summer

(D) Autumn

Ans (D) Autumn

28. The theme of Autumn is…….

(A) scarcity

(B) abundance

(C) maturity

(D) none

Ans (C) maturity

29. Keats was a…………poet.

(A) romantic

(B) Victorian

(C) modern

(D) none

Ans (A) romantic

30. Autumn is a season of mellow……….

(A) no wind

(B) fruitlessness

(C) fruitfulness

(D) none

Ans (C) fruitfulness

31. Autumn starts with the departure of the………. season.

(A) Winter

(B) Spring

(C) Rainy

(D) Summer

Ans (D) Summer

32. In……. new leaves and fruits come out on trees.

(A) spring

(B) autumn

(C) summer

(D) winter

Ans (B) autumn

33. John Keats died of…….

(A) Fever

(B) Blood Cancer

(C) Jaundice

(D) Tuberculosis

Ans (D) Tuberculosis

34. Each stanza of “Ode to Autumn” consists……lines.

(A) 11

(B) 12

(C) 13

(D) 14

Ans (A) 11

35. The spike of……was observed by John Keats in summer.

(A) grass

(B) hook

(C) pin

(D) none

Ans (A) grass

36. ………. fill all fruit with ripeness.

(A) The sun and summer

(B) The mon and winter

(C) The earth and hot

(D) None

Ans (A) The sun and summer

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